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Staycation At SeaQuest

September 16, 2020

When you think of your next vacation destination, you rarely think of staying close to home. Often, people disregard the idea of a “Staycation.”However, with our current world and infinite travel restrictions, many people are now revisiting the idea of a staycation!

Have your vacation plans been affected by unprecedented times? SeaQuest is here for you and your next vacation! Take a tour through the majestic wonders of our plant at your local SeaQuest. 

Staycation Near Me, At SeaQuest

SeaQuest is the world’s 2nd largest interactive aquarium and petting zoo and makes for a triumphant staycation experience near you. There aren’t too many other places nearby where you can experience the world’s tropical rainforests, deserts, and exotic marine life as up close and personal as you can at SeaQuest Las Vegas, Nevada. Your SeaQuest staycation will consist of exhibits and interactions that create an exciting and memorable quest for visitors. Make your way through all of the different ecosystems, connecting and learning through hands-on activities and encounters. 

At SeaQuest Las Vegas, Nevada, you can travel through the:

  • California Coast 
  • Amazon Rainforest
  • Egyptian Desert 
  • Mayan Jungle
  • Caribbean Cove
  • Shark Lagoon 
  • The Boardwalk
  • And much more! 

Staycation Adventures

You deserve a vacation, even if it is right next door! But having a holiday doesn’t mean that you have to go out and break the bank on travel— not when you have SeaQuest adventures in your backyard.  At SeaQuest Las Vegas, Nevada, we provide you with an adventure you and the family will never forget. With unbelievable experiences in town, you get to learn and see numerous animal species and interact with them!

You will discover over 1,000 animals from over 300 species on five continents on your quest. While you are here, make sure to take some time to enjoy one of our many enhanced interactions. Interactions like:

— and all that is just for starters! SeaQuest was born with a vision to share the beauty of wildlife without having to travel far. Expert SeaQuest trainers will take you through the journey of exploring and discovering SeaQuest, allowing you to meet and interact with animals and their habitats from every corner of the globe— all without having to leave your town. 

SeaQuest is precisely what you are looking for when it comes to your perfect summer stay at home vacation! We are more than just an interactive aquarium and petting zoo; we allow guests the opportunity of a lifetime to get as close as you can with animals from all over the planet.

Your vacation at home still deserves the creation of fun, long-lasting memories that you and your family can treasure for years to come.

Join us at SeaQuest Las Vegas, Nevada for an unforgettable experience the whole family can enjoy!

Want to learn more about other animals at SeaQuest? Read our blogs on the animals adopted at SeaQuest & the curious Blacktip Reef Shark. We can’t wait to SEA you at SeaQuest soon!

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