Ultimate Adventure Bundle



Build Your Own Adventure With The Best SeaQuest Has To Offer

$49.95 Bundle Includes

  • 3 Premium VIP Encounters
  • 6 Activity Tokens  

Enjoy a day filled with elevated animal interactions, hands-on feeding opportunities, and unforgettable experiences you’ll cherish forever! We’ve put together an awesome VIP Interaction Bundle featuring our best Animal Interactions along with six extra Feeding Tokens at tremendous savings for you! Bundle and save 38% off the regular price of $79.95! Admission is not included.

Choose From Any Of These Elevated Animal Interactions:

Coati Interaction - Our Coatis love interacting with SeaQuest guests. Stash healthy treats inside our Coati's favorite enrichment toys and watch as these clever creatures "solve" how to get them out,

Snorkel with Stingrays - Bring your swimsuit plus towel and be transported to warm coastal waters! Experience snorkeling with various species of stingrays, coastal sharks, and hundreds of tropical fish! Interact with these soft, engaging creatures on a whole new level. *Please Note: Snorkel with Stingrays is only available to be booked during the 4:30 pm time slot on Saturdays & Sundays.*

Fishy Kisses Experience - Enjoy Spa Serenity Under the Sea! Sit back and relax as the fishy kisses rejuvenate your skin.

Asian Otter Interaction - SeaQuest now offers interactive Asian Small Clawed Otter Encounters where you can meet, feed, and interact directly with our Asian Small Clawed Otter.

Kinkajou Encounter - Honey is eager to meet you! In this fun interaction, you will learn several fun facts about kinkajous as you feed, pet, and capture selfies with Honey.

NOTE: Interactions are subject to animal availability. This product does not include Admission to SeaQuest for non-members.

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